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International Concert Pianist Li Jia (China):

Guest professor of Vienna Beethoven Conservatory.

As an international concert pianist, she was nominated as " International Peace Artist" by the United Nations Foundation for the Protection of  Intangible Cultural Heritage in February  2022, United Nations Post, France Post, Canada Post, and Austria Post issued postage stamp for her.  She has been invited as a member of the 11th council of Jiang Xi provincial people’s association for friendship with foreigner countries in November 2022.


After the China tour in October 2020, she has been invited as a Guest Pianist of Fu Jian Provincial Symphony Orchestra in China.

In 2023, Li Jia was invited to Mexico for  the concerts tour from February 24th to March 4th;On May 14, she was invited to perform the piano recital at the LARIUS International Piano Festival in Italy; On August 7, she was invited to perform the piano recital  in  SORRENTO  international music festival in Italy; On August 17, she was invited  by  Vienna Beethoven Conservatory to perform the  piano concert  in Vienna Ehrbar Saal  Grand concert hall, and  served  as a professor of summer piano Masterclass at  Vienna  Beethoven Conservatory. she was invited to perform at Palermo Classical piano concert Palermo, It. December 9th, 10th, 28th 2023 and Concerti del Tempietto Roma 26th december.

In her career, she has been invited to be the Permanent Judge of two Swiss international music competitions:

(1. Swiss International Music Competition;

2. Tiziano Rossetti International Music Competition),

And she has been also invited to be the judge of three competitions in China:

(1 Schimmel International Piano Competition China Division 舒 密 尔 国 际 钢 琴 大 赛 中 国赛区

2.  Pearl River Piano Competition珠 江 乐 龄 钢琴 大 赛 ;

3.  Wei Fon   Chang Long Cup Piano Competition 微风长隆杯粤港澳大湾区全国钢琴大赛.)

And she is the first Chinese artist to be published in Italian magazine " RED CARPET";    

 Musica intorno, Wikitesti, Agenzie Stampa, Scrigno di   Pandora and several    Italian    media and Live Style   magazine   have    praised   her   as   a   " soul   poetic   pianist;

She is holding   the Master Degree in piano performance of the   Conservatorio Cesare

Pollini di PADOVA in Italy, where she studied with piano professor Dario Marrini . 

Also    she studied with Italian international concert pianist Cristiano Burato, 

who  is  holding the

presidential medal in Italy' s highest artist.

She has won some international awards such as La Palma D’oro

International Piano Competition, Moscow International Music Competition, Liszt

International Music Competition etc.  She played concerts and taught MasterClass   all over China, Europe, South of America and others countries worldwide.

Chinese press "SOHU搜狐". "WANG YI网易 ". "ELLE   FASHION"."VERA FASHION"



" International Peace Artist" by the United Nations Foundation
Li Jia
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